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· 4 min read
Hampus Londögård

Back in action and finalizing the baby monitor!👶

TL;DR Built a baby monitor that included the following features:

  1. Bidirectional Audio & Unidirectional Video (Night & Day Vision!)
  2. Temperature Sensor
  3. Motor (Servo) to move left/right & up/down

The project was born the day I met an old friend and saw his expensive baby monitor that he had been gifted, I needed to match it! 🤓

· 7 min read
Hampus Londögård

Hi 👋

I’m building a babymonitor. It’s not gonna be anything novel, neither the first or last in history. But it’s a relevant project to me, and it makes me happy! 🤓

In this blog I'll walk through different ways to stream video from the raspberry pi to the network, capturing it in a client browser.